EMA Summer Motorcycle Tour: Rattlesnake Pass to Wallowa Lake

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The leaves are changing, the temperature is drop and the rainy season is beckoning its call here in the Pacific Northwest. But before you pack up your travel gear and close up shop until spring, we have one last route for you to go on our EMA Summer Motorcycle Tour. For the final stop on our Washington motorcycle tour, we have chosen Rattlesnake Pass to Wallowa Lake.

This stretch of roadway will force you to expect the unexpected, experiencing a variety of road types through mountains, canyons and along the Snake River. The scenery on this road will catch your eye at every glance, making you want to stop and check out its breathtaking view.

Route map of Rattlesnake Pass to Wallowa Lake


This 90-mile ride will begin in Asotin, following alongside the Snake River and climbing to the top of the Butte. The highway twists, curves and drops, giving a proper meaning to the name Hells Canyon. The scenery will gradually change from snow-capped peaks, wide open wheat fields and grasslands to a wooded forest, leading you to see the entrance of Rattlesnake Pass.

Stop at the Joseph Canyon Overlook, and you’ll have an incredible view of the historic Nez Pierce winter homelands and the high peaks of the Wallowa Mountains. Traveling a little further and you’ll see Wallowa Lake. The waters are so clear that you can see fish swimming along the bottom.

Wallowa Lake


Fields Springs State Park: Fields encompasses 792 acres, with options for camping, hiking trails, berry picking and baseball fields. The park offers views of the three neighboring states, set along one of the Nez Pierce seasonal migration route. It’s a perfect location for overnight camping, or a place to explore and stretch your legs.

The town of Joseph, OR: Home to a mixture of true cowboys with world-class artists, the atmosphere of the town is both traditional and progressive. You’ll enjoy the small-town hominess that the locals embrace, known for neighborly conversing with anyone they see.

Wallowa Lake Tramway: Within Wallowa County, the tramway is the most popular attraction. A vertical ascent to the summit leaves a spectacular view of Wallowa County and the lake. The tramway operates until early October, so don’t pass up on this memorable experience!

There aren’t many amenities along this road, and no gas stations from Asotin to Enterprise, OR so be sure to fill up before you leave.


Wallowa Lake Lodge: This peaceful retreat is the only lodging option in the Wallowa Lake area with a lakefront view. Cabins are available year-round. If you are looking for quaint and quiet in a beautiful location, Wallowa Lake Lodge is the place to go.

The rain may be upon us, but it’s still not too late for one last motorcycle trip! If you plan to visit Rattlesnake Pass to Wallowa Lake, let us know. We’d love to hear about your experience on this route. Feel free to share your photos on Facebook or Instagram. Stay safe out there and enjoy the ride!


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