How to Ride Your Bike Safely at Night

Many motorcyclists try to avoid riding in the dark. When the sun goes down visibility of both you and the surrounding motorists decreases dramatically. This greatly increases the odds of getting involved in an accident. You can also encounter additional hazards at night such as drunk drivers, cold temperatures, and nocturnal animals. If you have… Read more »

5 Tips to Treat Motorcycle Road Rash

Road rash is a common side effect of many motorcycle accidents. It happens when you fall off your bike, and your body (usually arms and legs) starts to scrape the pavement until you come to a complete stop. Even the best leather pants and personal gear will only protect you so much. If you’ve ever… Read more »

How to Choose Your First Motorcycle

Choosing your first motorcycle can leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed. There’s no such thing as a “beginner’s model” bike; some bikes are certainly easier to learn on than others.  Although everyone will have an opinion on what kind and brand of bike you should buy, you need to choose one that will be safe… Read more »

Evergreen Motorcycle Attorneys’ Tips for City Motorcycle Riding

With the beautiful and warm weather of spring and summer, we typically see an increase of daily motorcycle commuters during riding season. City motorcycle riding can be extremely challenging, especially for novice motorcyclists. Safely navigating through the busy streets of downtown Seattle or Tacoma requires unique skills and safety precautions. As always, we’re here to… Read more »

Why You Need Washington Motorcycle Insurance

There’s nothing quite like riding a motorcycle—the freedom, the rush and the feeling of pure enjoyment that all passionate riders share. But just as you would with a car, you’ll need insurance to protect yourself and your investment. While motorcycle insurance is not a requirement in the state of Washington, it’s important to be fully… Read more »

Should I Get a Dash Cam? | Washington Motorcycle Attorneys

Chances are, you’ve seen dramatic and possibly even terrifying dash cams videos on television or online. Dash cam videos are interesting to watch, but they can also serve safety benefits. Similarly, helmet cams can be similarly effective at recording video while riding. The dash cam, also known as dashboard camera, continuously record footage while riding. Many… Read more »

Purchasing Your First Motorcycle | Washington Motorcycle Attorneys

Naturally since it’s riding season, you can expect a wave of new riders hitting the road from now through fall. Buying your first motorcycle can be a lot of fun, but also difficult decision. There is a seemingly endless list of different bikes, configurations and options to choose from. However, it’s all a part of the… Read more »

Preventing a Motorcycle Passenger Accident | WA Motorcycle Attorneys

  For many motorcyclists, riding a motorcycle is a visceral, solo experience—feeling the power of the bike, the cool air and the open road behind you. However, bringing along a guest is a great way to enjoy the ride with someone who maybe doesn’t themselves ride. Keep in mind that if you ride with a passenger, you… Read more »

5 Tips for New Motorcycle Riders this Spring | Washington Motorcycle Attorneys

Spring is just around the corner. For many motorcyclists, this means the official start of riding season. In the state of Washington, there are more than 225,000 registered motorcycles, with the number of motorcycle sales and registration increasing each year. If you’re a new motorcycle rider gearing up for the season, brace yourself. You are about to… Read more »

Choosing the Right Motorcycle Safety Gear | WA Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

The feel of the cool air and the freedom of the open road … there’s nothing quite like riding a motorcycle. Choosing the right motorcycle safety gear is what stands between you and the elements, the asphalt, and impact. Yes, some people may resent the barrier that gear imposes. However, motorcycle safety gear also demonstrates… Read more »