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Chances are, you’ve seen dramatic and possibly even terrifying dash cams videos on television or online. Dash cam videos are interesting to watch, but they can also serve safety benefits. Similarly, helmet cams can be similarly effective at recording video while riding.

The dash cam, also known as dashboard camera, continuously record footage while riding. Many dash cams use loop recording, which allows the camera to overwrite on the memory card on top of previously recorded videos. This ensures that important footage is not erased and that the memory card is never full.

Motorcycle dash cam

Here at Evergreen Motorcycle Attorneys, we recommend motorists install dash cams on their vehicles—especially motorcyclists. Our Washington motorcycle attorneys have compiled a list of our top three reasons why you should install a dash cam on your ride this season.

Protection Against False Accident Accusations: In the event of a motorcycle accident, having footage of the incident shows the authorities what actually happened—rather than relying on personal accounts. This can protect you against false or inaccurate accusations by the other motorist(s). It’s hard to argue who is or is not at fault in an accident with video evidence.

Keep an Eye on Your Unattended Bike: Many dash cam models can record while parked. This is a great feature that can help riders monitor their bikes from tampering or other damages. It provides an added level of security and peace-of-mind.

Recording Your Ride For Future Enjoyment: Accidents, injuries and mishaps aside, dash cams safely record footage of your favorite rides and adventures. You can replay videos for years to come, and share with friends and loved ones.

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