Top Four Must-Have Gadgets for Riders This Holiday Season

Nov 22, 2017 | Evergreen Motorcycle Attorneys News, Featured | 0 comments

For many riders, no adventure is complete without the help of fun and innovative gadgets to enhance the experience. The holidays are the perfect time to stock up on some new toys for the year. Our Washington motorcycle attorneys have compiled a list of our top four must-have gadgets for riders to ask from Santa this holiday season.

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Communicating with Fellow Riders

Communicating with other riders can be a struggle over the noise of the road and traffic. Having a Bluetooth communication device can make riding with a passenger or group much easier and enjoyable. It allows you to make route changes, signal any oncoming hazards, or just make conversation while cruising. Bluetooth devices, such as Sena, will also allow you to share music with your friends along the way.

Navigating & Accessing Music on the Go

It’s illegal in Washington to directly access your phone while riding, not to mention difficult and dangerous. At Evergreen Motorcycle Attorneys, we enjoy devices such as the Satechi that allow you to have access to your phone, even when it’s out of reach. These devices can be mounted on the body of your bike or onto the handlebars, allowing you to easily control of the music while remaining safe.

Our own attorney and experienced rider James McCormick also recommends the Garmin Zumo, a GPS made specifically for motorcycles. The device offers helpful features, such as Bluetooth for hands-free calling and smartphone notifications on the screen.

Sunglasses No More

The AX-12 visor insert uses liquid-crystal technology to instantly switch from clear to dark smoke at the touch of a button. Originally developed for the Air Force, this amazing visor insert is the world’s first motorcycle insert with electronic tint on-demand. This cool gadget eliminates the need to wear sunglasses inside the helmet, while still allowing you to see clearly on a bright, sunny Pacific Northwest day.

Capturing the Moment on Your Bike

A mountable, hand-free action camera is an easy way to record some of your favorite rides to share with family and friends. The GoPro is considered one of the best high-definition, accessible action cameras on the market. In addition to recording scenic footage, having a GoPro can also come in handy in the event of an accident to determine fault. The Xiaomi Yi, and Contour ROAM3 camera are all affordable alternatives under $100.

Get a Free Consultation With Your Washington Motorcycle Attorneys

When used safely, fun and innovate gadgets can no doubt enhance your riding experience. However, be sure to always use caution. If a specific gadget or device becomes too distracting on the road, it can increase your chance of getting in an accident. If you have any questions regarding motorcycle accidents or injuries this season, don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation with your Washington motorcycle attorneys.

What we will be asking Santa for the holidays this year? Share with us on on our Facebook, Instagram or send us a message to let us know. Have fun and enjoy this ride this season!