Frequently Asked Questions

What type of Washington motorcycle insurance do I need to have?
Washington is one of the few states that do not require a motorcyclist to have motorcycle liability insurance. While you’re not required to carry it, Evergreen Motorcycle Attorneys highly recommend having a full-package motorcycle insurance policy to protect yourself and others, along with other properties and assets. Personal injury protection or medical payment insurance is a great idea to add to your policy. Your current automotive policy will not automatically extend to cover your motorcycle.

While you might consider yourself a safe rider, a motorcycle accident can happen to even the most seasoned and experienced bikers. A solid full package motorcycle policy should include bodily protection/property damage liability, comprehensive and collision, and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage (UM/UIM) to protect you in the event the at-fault driver doesn’t have insurance or not enough insurance to pay for injuries you may sustain.

In addition to protecting you against Washington motorcycle accidents, a full-package motorcycle policy can help you in the event of vandalism, theft, natural disasters, or other unfortunate circumstances.

Do I need a Washington motorcycle accident attorney if I have insurance?
Yes. Unfortunately, insurance companies will only act in their best interest. An insurance company will not profit as much from their clients if they offered full and fair compensation. Even if you have motorcycle liability insurance, it’s important to hire an experienced and passionate motorcycle accident attorney to help you understand your rights and guide you towards a successful personal injury case. Our attorneys at Evergreen Motorcycle Attorneys have experience dealing with insurance companies to ensure that you receive the appropriate damages for your injury case.

What types of damages can I recover from my motorcycle accident case?
If you were involved in a motorcycle accident, there’s a high likelihood that you have sustained serious bodily and/or psychological injuries that prevent you from working or impact your quality of life. At the very least, the accident could have totaled your motorcycle, leaving you without a means of transportation. As with any personal injury claim, the damages that you will receive from your case depend on the severity of your motorcycle accident, the injuries sustained, among other key factors.

If you have a valid claim, you may be entitled to compensation for the following types of losses, including but not limited to:

  • Medical expenses
  • Past and future lost wages
  • Property damage or repairs to your motorcycle
  • Physical and emotional disabilities or damages

To help you determine the details surrounding your personal injury case after a motorcycle accident, schedule a complimentary consultation with Evergreen Motorcycle Attorneys. If you’re unable to come to our downtown Tacoma office, we are available to come to you at your convenience. We handle cases all over the State of Washington.

Who can be held liable for my injuries or property damage from a motorcycle accident?
Anyone operating a motor vehicle that was involved in the accident could have full or partial liability in the event of a motorcycle accident. In addition, motorcycle manufacturers, insurance companies, pedestrians, or government or public entities could have possibly contributed to your accident.  Sometimes road conditions, roadway signage or maintenance could be a factor.

Evergreen Motorcycle Attorneys will work tirelessly to investigate every possible factor in your Washington accident case to determine the appropriate liability.

When do I pay for the legal fees following my motorcycle accident case?
At Evergreen Motorcycle Attorneys, we are paid on a contingency basis. This means that you only pay our fees if there is a recovery in your favor. If you win the motorcycle accident case or settlement, our legal fees will come out of the money awarded to you.

I wasn’t wearing a helmet during my motorcycle accident. Can I still receive compensation?
Washington State law requires the universal use of helmets when operating or riding a motorcycle. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, helmets are reportedly 37 percent effective in preventing motorcycle fatalities, and 67 percent effective in preventing brain injuries. Needless to say, wearing a DOT-approved helmet and other motorcycle safety gear can be a life-saving measure.

If you weren’t wearing a helmet at the time of your Washington motorcycle accident, you likely will still receive compensation if the motorist or entity is found liable. However, failure to wear a helmet could have contributed to the severity of your injuries, thus affecting the amount of damages you can receive. Every motorcycle accident case is different, so be sure to consult with Evergreen Motorcycle Attorneys for legal guidance on your unique situation.